Cars, Vans & Minibuses

As we specialise in the Car Van and Minibus market, we understand the specific demands on you, in terms of the short timescales you have to operate in, costs in your industry, and getting your vehicles delivered and working on the day you want them working. We will also take the time to ensure that the funding meets your company’s, and cash flow requirements. Each vehicle we fund is tailored specific to each customer. Our aim is to walk you through the minefield of funding options, to give you what you want at the best rates.

We realise that time is money, and every moment your vehicle is not out there working it costs you money in lost earnings. We are set up such that our turnaround times on acceptance can be within  the same day, getting you moving in the fast lane, and earning money.

We deal with all sizes of fleets from 1 to 1000. Our service is both personal and professional.It is exactly what you need to get you moving.

We can Tailor a funding package to suit your needs in a number of ways;


  • New vehicles- 5 year finance 
  • Used vehicles funded up to their 8 year
  • Low Deposits/ 3 monthly rentals down 
  • Balloon payments                 
  • VAT Deferral                    
  • Seasonal Payments            
  • Sale and Lease/ HP Back                            

Which means that;

  • Keeps your monthly payments low.
  • Allows the older vehicle to be funded reasonably
  • Preserves your cash flow.
  • Cuts the monthly cost of funding new vehicles.
  • Stops the spike in cash flow.
  • You pay less when cash is tightest  
  • You can release Equity quick and easy


All this offered on HIRE PURCHASE; FINANCE LEASE; OPERATING LEASE or CONTRACT HIRE FACILITIES depending on which is best for you. 

There is no substitute for experience (we have a team with over 150 years of asset finance experience!). We know our market, as you know yours. Let us help you get your vehicle out working. You will not be disappointed.


New Cars

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