Working Capital & Mortgages

Capital is the life blood of any business. As an engine needs oil, so a business needs Capital. Moreover as different engines need different oils business needs different capital to make their business work to the optimum.

Working Capital:

Medium term Capital:        
Long term Capital:    
Short Term funding secured on short term assets (such as debtors/stock)
Secured on medium term assets (such as plant; trucks; machinery;
vehicles etc)
Secured on Property/Land.


The SECRET is having enough Capital, and having enough of the right Capital (enough short, medium and long term capital in the right proportions).


This is where our expertise comes into play. We can organise all forms of capital, Short; Medium; and Long, in the proportion that YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS. We can even RESTRUCTURE YOUR ASSET to rebalance any Capital imbalance problems you have (i.e asset rich but cash poor). 


Factoring/Invoice Discounting: Short Term

Improve your cash flow and raise up to 90% against your invoices upfront, via a Factoring/Invoice Discounting facility. 'In Principle' decisions can usually be given within 48 hours, whether your turnover is £50,000 - £100,000,000 we can assist!


Applications Considered

Established & New Start Business

Turnover £50,000 - £100,000,000

Ltd`s, Sole Traders & Partnerships                

Poor Credit History

Phoenix Companies

IVA's & CVA's

MBO's & MBI's


Reasons for Factoring/Invoice Discounting

Additional credit line

Uses the strength of your customers as security

Provides immediate working capital

Generally more cost effective than loans/overdrafts

Improves cash flow on lengthy contracts

Saves time chasing invoices

Reduces the risk from bad debt

BUSINESS FINANCE TRUST charge no upfront fees. We are independent and deal with a variety of funders, ranging from banks, middle tier  lenders. We cover the whole of the UK.


Sale & Lease back/HP: Medium Term

See our sections on Bus/Coach/Truck etc finance. If you have already purchased these assets and own them, but still need to raise working capitak you can have a Sale and Lease/Hire Purchase back facility. Restructure your medium term assets for short term capital, LEAVING YOUR BANK FACILITIES UNTOUCHED AND STILL AVAILABLE.

Unlock the cash tied up in your vehicles, equipment plant and machinery. Sale and Lease/Hire back  enables a business to sell  assets you own to a finance company, who in return, will release most of the value in those assets back into the cash flow of your business.

You may want to raise money for:

  • Additional cash for working capital (maybe due to seasonal spikes in cash flow).
  • Replace funds where a customer has caused bad debts.
  • A reduction in your monthly outgoings.
  • Repay your Bank.
  • Purchase of a Business (e.g a competitor), using the cash raised as part of the purchase.
  • Finance "owned" assets as part of the security in a larger transaction (e.g the purchase of a freehold property).

Commercial Mortgages: Long Term

There are three types of commercial mortgage:

1. Business mortgage (also known as owner-occupier mortgage)
If you are looking for a mortgage to purchase premises for your business you will need a business mortgage or owner-occupier mortgage. If you already own your business premises and are looking to refinance the property you will need a business remortgage (or owner-occupier remortgage).

2. Commercial investment mortgage
If you are looking to invest in non-residential property to rent out to other businesses you will need a commercial investment mortgage. If you already own a commercial property for investment purposes and are looking to refinance it, you will need a commercial investment remortgage.

3. Property development funding

To assist in getting new build up from ground level to the finished article where it would be replaced by a mortgage

Please be aware our commercial mortgages section doesn’t include rate information because in most cases rates are determined on an individual basis based on the strength of your proposition. To assess the rate you’re likely to pay, please call us and we’ll chat through your proposition to target the right choice of commercial mortgage for you.


Within our commercial mortgage pages you will be able to find out about all the different industry sectors in which we can help assist you in including:


Whether buying commercial property for investment or trading purposes, the list of property types is endless. For more specific help and to talk through the commercial mortgage options, call our team of expert advisers today.

Whatever your Capital needs, SHORT TERM; MEDIUM TERM; LONG TERM;                            We are the Experts you can Trust.











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